Sameera Reddy: 'I disguised myself in Delhi'

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New Delhi, Feb. 21 -- Although actor Sameera Reddy, who married her biker boyfriend Akshai Varde last month, is yet to go on a honeymoon, she has already had a mini honeymoon in the Capital.    

"My husband and I were in the city recently, to launch his bikes at the auto expo," she shares, adding, "I told him this was a three-state honeymoon - travelling to Noida, Delhi and Gurgaon."    

Sameera, who had so far visited Delhi only for work, this time around, made the most of her Delhi trip, ahem, in disguise! "I covered myself with a big scarf and sunglasses and went to the Red Fort, for the first time. It was as beautiful as I had expected it to be. I also visited Akshardham, it is such a fascinating place. I had covered myself so well that I looked like the Bandit Queen," she laughed.    

Interestingly, it was a shopping day out at the mall that gave the Race actor the idea to cover herself up. "I went to a mall and it posed an issue," she explains, saying, "While Mumbai is used to seeing actors, Delhi people show so much love. Even at the expo, I had ladies showering their blessings on me for a happy wedding. It was so nice. Delhi has a traditional angle to it."    

The 31-year-old actor calls hers an 'ulta' love story. Usually people are fans of the actor, but it was Sameera who fell for him. "I was a big fan of Akshai and thought he made cool bikes," she beams.