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Sonu Sood: The law is above anyone..

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Mumbai, May 7 -- Bollywood express their views on Salman Khan's conviction.

Prabhudheva, director

I am feeling very low after hearing the judgment. I am sure, it's (the feeling of sadness) not just for me, but many others too. Who won't vouch for his helping nature? What can I say? I have no words. Imagine how tough a time it must be for his family.

Boney Kapoor, producer

The feeling is of definite sadness. Our prayers are with him and his family. I wish and pray that they find the strength to cope with such a situation. He is a good soul and a large-hearted person. We need more people like him in society. The last time we had met, we spoke about the No Entry (2005) sequel, but right now, nothing is more important than his well-being.

Imran Khan, actor

Salman and his entire family have always been close to my family and they've shown me great love and affection throughout the years. In my first film, Sohail Khan and Arbaaz Khan played my brothers and that has extended to real life as well. My thoughts are with him and his family.

Sonu Sood, actor

It's really bad news, but the law is above anyone. I know an accident has taken place and someone has lost their life, but everyone who knows Salman is aware that he is one of the most helpful people in the industry. I hope that something can be done on humanitarian grounds. I know that he will be strong through this time, and everyone's prayers will be with him.

Pritish Nandy, ad film-maker

The law is the law. It has its own place in society. But the heart has its own compulsions. I have known Salman as a friend for almost three decades. I am pained for him and his family. It requires great courage to live through this for 13 long years.

Raveena Tandon, actor

I have known Salman personally and worked with him in many movies. He's a wonderful human being. These are trying times for his family; our prayers are with them. Ultimately, it was an accident and not intentional, so I hope he gets as light a sentence as possible, because for the past 13 years, what with the court hearings, etc., he has paid the price emotionally too.

Queenie Singh, jewellery designer

I am saddened, and it is very unfortunate that this judgment has been passed by the honourable court. Salman is a public figure and does a lot of good for humanity. He is hugely involved with charity in an unassuming way. I am sure he will take his remedies under laws and appeal this order. I wish him luck.

Mahesh Bhatt, film-maker

Despair, confusion and an overwhelming feeling of powerlessness has engulfed the film industry. This verdict is a body blow.

Prahlad Kakkar, adman

The verdict was inevitable but why did it take so long? It diluted the whole sense of justice. What Salman should be doing is giving part of his salary every month to the family. That would remind him every month of what he did. The idea is to bear the expense of bringing up the children and putting up a small business so that they can live with a certain degree of dignity.

Amaal Mallik, music director

Salman sir has been a guiding force for me. He helped me become a music director, as I was a music assistant earlier. I know what is happening is sad and difficult to come to terms with, but I feel people are trying to make an example out of him.

Zarine Khan, actor

I'm very sad. He is the best human being. He is doing so much for people he doesn't even know. I don't know how keeping him locked in jail for so many years would benefit the victims and their families, when he could have done a lot by being outside. For me, Salman is an angel who changed my life completely.

Shaina NC, politician

I feel sad for Salman and his family. Being a family friend, I've known them for a while. Mistakes happen and the law needs to take its course. On the other if you see the lakhs of lives that Salman has saved through their philanthropy and good work is something that gets them lot of prayers and blessings. I wish that comes to their rescue.

Sonu Nigam, singer

It is going to be a tough period for him and his family. My prayers are with them.