Salman vents on Twitter. Again!

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Mumbai, Nov. 12 -- Clearly, Bollywood star Salman Khan doesn't take criticism very well. A few weeks ago, HT Cafe wrote about the flak that the actor received for siding with Tanishaa Mukerji on a reality show that he hosts. At the time, the actor took to Twitter to make his point.    

However, his behaviour towards some contestants has continued to face disapproval from viewers. On November 10, Salman repeated himself by lashing out on Twitter again. This time, he posted, "i keep on telling them wat feed bak I get sm times its upsetting n depresses them but who listens, next min they do wat they want to man. (sic)"

The irate actor eventually asked those who "don't like" the show, to avoid watching it. He tweeted, "BB fans who don't like saturday n sunday episodes, plz don't waste your time sure u have v imp things to do. Elections coming up do vote. (sic)" His final post on the subject said, "seriously if u don't like plz don't watch, even if 1 family member does not like it the rest shld respect that n change the channel. (sic)"