Salman thanks fans for support after being acquitted in Arms Act case

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Actor Salman Khan was acquitted on Wednesday in a case linked to the alleged killing of black bucks 18 years ago. Salman Khan had pleaded “not guilty” to charges of violating the law by keeping unlicensed weapons and using them.

Khan was accused of carrying and using illegal arms with an expired licence. A case under the Arms Act was registered against him. The actor allegedly had a US-made revolver and a 22-bore rifle with him. The prosecution had said the licence of both the firearms had expired on September 22, 1998, but the actor used them to hunt two blackbucks on October 1 and 2, 1998, in Kankani village on the outskirts of Jodhpur.

Here are the updates:


11.55am: Salman expected to fly back to Mumbai and shoot for TV show Big Boss, reports TV channel India Today

11.50am: The prosecution’s case was rejected by the court: Hastimal Saraswat, lawyer for Salman

11.45am: Salman Khan has been acquitted of charges in the 1998 Arms Act case. He was accused of using firearms with expired license.

11.30am: Jodhpur Court gives Salman Khan 30 minutes to appear, reports NDTV. Khan is currently discussing the case and its repercussions with his lawyers.

11am: If convicted, Khan faces up to seven years in jail. He has told the court he is innocent and that he was framed by the state forest department.