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Salman miffs Sonu!

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New Delhi, July 5 -- Actor Salman Khan may be very happy after crooning the Hangover song for his upcoming film that has already got over six lakh hits on YouTube since its release on Tuesday, but not everyone is singing along.

We have learnt that Sonu Nigam, who originally recorded the song, is very upset. Reason: The popular playback singer had refused to sign a contract with the music company for the track, so Salman decided to sing it himself, replacing Sonu without his knowledge.    

A source close to the singer says, "Sonu is deeply hurt. He didn't think that Salman, for whom he has sung hit songs for the last 20 years, will do this to him. He is sad that there is no mutual admiration among professionals, otherwise, why would an actor replace a singer?"    

According to sources, the 41-year-old singer had approached Salman Khan six months ago to support the royalty issue that the singers' association has taken up, but the actor did not respond.

"If powerful people like Salman raise their voice, a lot many things can change. Sonu was expecting Salman to stand for his fight against illegal contracts," says the source.    

Apparently, Sonu was unaware that Salman has replaced him until the song was released on July 1.    "Sajid (Nadiadwala, filmmaker) had asked him to sing the song last year. After the song was recorded, he told Sonu that it will be a huge hit, but this came as a shock, also because the song was recorded in much goodwill." We contacted Sonu and the film's makers for clarifications but both remained unavailable for comment.