Salman Khan works despite being unwell!

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After Ranveer Singh, now Salman Khan too seems to have come down with a fever. But his illness hasn’t deterred him from continuing his work. The actor developed a temperature six days ago, but since he knows director-brother Sohail Khan has a deadline to meet (the film releases in January 2014), he has been shooting continuously for his film titled Mental.

"Recently he had some action sequences to shoot during the day, which he finished in time. Since the makers have already finalised a release date, he knew delaying the shoot would cause a lot of complications,” says an insider close to Salman.

Incidentally, since the actor is expected to start work on producer Sajid Nadiadwala’s directorial debut, Kick, in November, he knew any minor delay on Mental would snowball into a larger scheduling issue. “His dates are booked for the next two years, which is why he knows cancelling or postponing any shoots is not a viable option right now,” adds the insider. Salman also shot for the latest episode of a reality show, which he hosts, while he was unwell.

Meanwhile, his friends and family have been urging him to get a detailed medical examination. However, the actor is convinced that his fever will stabilise on its own in a few days. “He will get the tests done only if the fever persists,” reveals the source. So he’s just spending more time at home relaxing, as he has been advised rest.

While Salman couldn’t be reached for a comment, Sohail didn’t respond to our calls or messages.