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Salman Khan’s Jai Ho rights cost Rs. 4.5 cr?

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  2. INR 19.11 Cr.
  3. INR 155.65 Cr.
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  5. INR 43.95 Cr.


The remake rights of Salman Khan’s upcoming film, Jai Ho, have reportedly been purchased from director AR Murugadoss for Rs. 4.5 crore, till now the highest for any South remake.

A source told a Mumbai tabloid that the deal involves an exorbitant amount. However, the director of Jai Ho, Sohail Khan, denied it.

The actor has also apparently lost a lot of weight for the film as he has to shoot for an extensive action sequence in the movie directed by Sohail Khan. As per buzz, Salman’s stunts for the film’s climax scene will be quite innovative.

This year, Salman doesn’t have a single release scheduled. The tentatively titled Mental will release in January next year. It’s believed that the Khan brothers tried hard to release it during Eid this year, but since the project had a lot of unfinished work, they couldn’t meet the deadline.

The film now releases in January and co-stars Sana Khan.