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Salman on Kareena: I can address her as Bebo, Baby, Sweetheart, Jaan

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By Tulsi, News Network

Of course we have noticed the adorable, adorable chemistry between Kareena Kapoor Khan and Salman Khan! We noticed it during Bodyguard, and we are noticing it now!

It’s true. They share such a beautiful bond! Kareena says: “"It has been special. This is my first film with Salman under his production. In fact, Salman was the first to see me in a night dress when I was 9 years old."

Woww! As much as she loves the man and shares a lot of comfort with him, this must be very strange for Kareena!

But you know what was strange for Salman? That he was romancing the Nawab’s wifey! He even said: “Whenever I romanced Kareena, Ali came to my mind. Saif Ali Khan.”

Also, in the trailer he addresses her as “behenji”. Yikes! Here’s what Sallu has to say about that: “"It was difficult to call Kareena behenji. She is too pretty to be called that. I can address her as Bebo, Baby, Sweetheart, Jaan."

Oh! How adorable. Nope, we cannot stop calling them that.