Salman finds Aamir's Jai Ho tweet sweet!

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Superstar Salman Khan finds colleague Aamir Khan tweeting about his forthcoming film Jai Ho a sweet gesture, and says it is the best way one can be competitive in the film industry.

When told about Aamir recently tweeting the countdown to Jai Ho, Salman reacted by saying, "Really ? How sweet. Everyone does that and we should. I feel this is being competitive and showing love in this manner is better than the other way round."

Earlier, Salman had promoted Aamir's film Dhoom: 3 on his reality show Bigg Boss - Saath 7.

"You help the other person and you make sure that you try and take your level to that point. Like Aamir is trying to make sure that people come and watch 'Jai Ho', which is a good thing. The industry prospers," Salman added on the sets of reality show Dance India Dance"

Salman was on the sets of the show to promote his film Jai Ho along with co-star Daisy Shah. The film will release January 24.