Salman, Anushka emerge as new popular Bollywood stars..

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Bollywood stars Salman Khan, Anushka Sharma, Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh have topped the ratings of a newly-launched app Bollywood Algorithm for Assessment of Popularity (BAAP).

Launched by Dr Jawahar Surisetti, eminent psychologist and innovator and a movie buff, the app is currently available for android. The ratings are part of the app that empower Bollywood moviegoers and fans to vote for their stars, rate the movies and participate in polls. All these integrate along with the films commercial performance and the past performance of the stars to finally create a complex system for rating the stars.

These ratings change every two weeks and are updated on the BAAP app, which is available for a free download in the Google Play Store on July 22 to coincide with worldwide release of Rajnikant’s Kabali.

BAAP Ratings is therefore India’s first scientific Bollywood algorithm to rate stars and movies not arbitrarily but with a formula that takes into consideration the history of the star, the public feedback, the current performance of the movie and its stars and the reviews. Indian star rating system till date has been either arbitrary or considers only one factor like popularity or critics choice. In BAAP there is an admixture of all factors. So if suppose the current film of a star flops but he has an excellent track record and public feedback, he maintains his ratings.

“The app will empower movie goers and movie lovers to express their views and also provide important feedback to the movie makers on the tastes and trends of the public”, says Dr Jawahar Surisetti.

BAAP has features that engage the user like choosing their favourite actor and actress, fresh news of films and stars, a gallery of unusual pictures not available commonly. Care has been taken to avoid gossip and rumours in the app. Dr Jawahar expects that with the right response and support from Bollywood, BAAP app will develop into a platform for promotion of movies, interviews and finally awards based on performance of actors and actresses based on the reliable and objective Annual BAAP Ratings Performance Index.

The app is supposed to attract 10000 views in first quarter and then grow exponentially. The feedback system generated by the App will be the feedback for the stars and the bigwigs of Bollywood to understand the public pulse better.

Dr. Jawahar Surisetti is the author of two international bestsellers “Mama and Me” and “Go to hell or come to me”.

He is a film lover who analyzes bollywood trends and writes the reviews for hindi movies on social media. Dr Jawahar also runs MyBeti for reducing dropouts in girls by taking care of their health and education.