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A prayer for Salman!

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Mumbai, May 14 -- You've heard crazy stories of fanfare when it comes to Bollywood actors; from letters in blood to people travelling from afar to catch a glimpse of a star in Mumbai.    

And Salman Khan, of course, is among the actors with the biggest fan following. On Twitter, too, his fans are known to sing praises every time his film releases, and go ballistic when it gets a bad review.    

Now, Salman's Twitter fan club (with a whopping 90,000- plus followers) has decided to show their support for the actor as he goes through a tough stage in the 2002 hitand- run case: they are planning to share a prayer song for Salman on social media.    

The court case had a recent, significant development when witnesses identified the actor as the man behind the wheel.    

Actor Sharib Hashmi, a self-confessed Salman fan, has composed the song as an ode to the actor. He says, "The Salman Khan fan club approached me for the song as a sign of their solidarity towards Salman."