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I’m on top of the world after singing for Salman: Armaan Malik

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If the rate at which fresh talent is making it big in Bollywood is anything to go by, this seems to be the best time to be part of the film industry.

Two new entrants in the music industry, who have already begun to make their presence felt, are brothers — singer Armaan Malik (18) and composer Amal Malik (22).

Theirs certainly was a dream debut — while the former lent his voice to three songs in Salman Khan’s Jai Ho, the latter composed the music for them. Additionally, they have released their debut album, Armaan, with a leading music label recently. In this interview, we chat with the siblings about their remarkable journey so far.

How does it feel to have earned such great success this early in your career?
Armaan: I’m on top of the world for having sung three songs for Salman bhai.
Amal: It has been a year of hard work, but I was never alone as Salman bhai guided me throughout — on the lyrics, on the kind of music and sound he was looking for.

What is your opinions of Bollywood music today?
Armaan: It isn’t the same anymore. The sound has changed; people’s taste in music has also changed. But somewhere amid all this, the essence of the song is lost. Catchy lyrics are being given more importance.
Amal: Music has become very modern and versatile. I’d love to bring more electronic music into Bollywood.

Are you both working on any other project or film currently?
Armaan: I’m singing a couple of songs for some leading music directors.
Amal: I’m working towards creating a bank of songs and meeting producers and directors.

Tell us more about the album.
Armaan: It is a pop-R&B album with a young and fresh vibe.
Amal: This album is a perfect Valentine’s Day gift. It is a compilation of eight tracks that deal with all the emotions a teen goes through — first love, heartbreaks and more.