Hit machines: Bollywood's highest earning films in 2014

Boxoffice Results

  1. INR 9.85 Cr.
  2. INR 16.55 Cr.
  3. INR 17.51 Cr.
  4. INR 6.68 Cr.
  5. INR 73.92 Cr.



The relationship between the content of a film and its performance at the ticket window is directly proportional, which means a ‘good’ film is bound to fetch eyeballs. Sometimes the initial success of a film works in its favour in more than one way. If a film gets a huge opening, it’s likely to get a better viewership on day two as well because it becomes the ‘in thing’. And, if somehow the product sustains its charm for the first three days, it becomes a blockbuster... in all probability.

Here are five films that stormed the box-office this year... quite literally.

Happy New Year

The return of Farah Khan to SRK camp was one of the most cherished news for those who keep a close eye on Bollywood’s business side. As expected, Happy New Year opened big at the box-office and carried the momentum for the first week. As a result, it broke several records for a single film’s collection. Overall, it went on to gather approximately Rs. 375 crore worldwide. The domestic box-office figures of Happy New Year couldn’t cross the benchmark set by Salman Khan’s Kick but overall it grossed more money than Kick.


Salman Khan proved why he is called the terminator of the Indian box-office. He made Sajid Nadiadwala’s entry into direction spectacular with his power-packed performance in Kick. He ruled the ticket window for at least ten days and eventually Kick became the most successful film in the domestic market for the year 2014. However, the lack of enough overseas fan following and absence of a global marketing strategy hindered its way to the top. Kick garnered close to Rs. 360 crore worldwide.

Bang Bang

It’s amazing how a good promotional drive can infuse life into an otherwise ‘regular’ film. Hrithik Roshan-starrer Bang Bang was dished out for its content, but it was released on large number of screens. Also, the makers left no stone unturned in promoting it. Such efforts were reciprocated and Bang Bang grossed approximately Rs. 167 crore in the domestic market. However, its performance in the overseas market was better than expectations and ultimately it registered Rs. 310 crore in its tally.

Singham Returns

There is a reason every mainstream actor wants to work with Rohit Shetty. The director has given hit after hit for the last five years now. This year, Shetty returned with his favourite actor Ajay Devgn and went public with Singham Returns on a public holiday, the Indian Independence Day. The extended weekend helped him in every possible way and Singham Returns hit the jackpot by collecting Rs. 140 crore in India and about Rs. 260 crore worldwide, including satellite rights.

Jai Ho

It was termed a flop because of its huge budget and less returns. A bit of ‘gyaan’ is needed in this context. Suppose a film is made at a budget of Rs. X, including P & A. Now, it has to gather more than Rs. Y (Cost price plus entertainment tax) to break-even as the entertainment tax is high. High stakes were put on this Salman-starrer and thus it had to earn much more than Y in order to become a hit.

Unfortunately this didn’t happen. Even if Jai Ho made the profit of 5-10 crore, it was way less than expectations. You don’t want a return of just 5-10 crore on an investment of Rs. 80-85 crore. Anyway, Jai Ho still made it to the list of top 5 highest grossing ventures of 2014. It grossed approximately Rs. 116 crore in India and close to Rs. 150 crore worldwide.