Independent music has become really big in India: Salim Merchant

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New Delhi, Sept. 9 -- Singer-composer Salim Merchant believes that independent music has gotten out of Bollywood's shadow and says that the industry is now standing up on its own.
"Over the last couple of years, because of various reasons, I believe that independent music has become really big in this country and is now completely thriving on its own," he says.
Salim, one half of the popular music composer-duo SalimSulaiman, recently collaborated with YouTube famed singer Siddarth Slathia for an independent single.
"There's a lot that is going on in the digital space. There are so many artists now, who can just record a song and put it out on the internet and do well. So many musicians from different genres have now built a credible fan base in the country on their digital profiles. They don't need films or the film industry to promote them," he adds. "You see so many actors featuring in the independent music videos. Last year, you even saw Hrithik (Roshan) feature in Honey Singh's song (Dheere Dheere)," he says.