Salim Khan: 'Oh, so you also know?'

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Mumbai, June 23 -- Bollywood star Salman Khan's sister Arpita Khan recently made news when a report claimed that she is in a relationship with a Delhi-based man called Ayush Sharma.

A few weeks later, another story revealed that the couple is now apparently planning to tie the knot. Although no one had confirmed the development, the report had mentioned that Arpita and Ayush's parents were aware of their relationship, and they had even met in Shimla to discuss the marriage.

So, when we called Arpita's father, Salim Khan, and asked about the wedding plans, the veteran writer instinctively reacted, saying, "Oh, so you also know this?"

Without giving any details away, he adds, "This is a family matter and I don't want to comment on this. I can't be saying when and what has happened. This is a very personal matter. Whenever it [the wedding] is going to happen, you will find out; I don't want to discuss [anything]."

A budding fashion designer, Arpita will reportedly get married next year. There is little known about what Sharma does, but rumours insist that he has Bollywood aspirations.