Couldn't get a chance to talk to Modi: Salim Khan

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Mumbai, May 28 -- Veteran film writer Salim Khan was one of the many Bollywood names invited to the Rashtrapati Bhavan to be part of the ceremony. He attended the event with son Salman Khan, who added the unexpected glamour at what has traditionally been a long and lacklustre political ritual.     

But Salim regrets the fact that neither he nor Salman could get a chance to interact with Modi after the ceremony. "There was no scope to meet him and chat with him. It was so crowded that we couldn't get an opportunity. You can have a chat only when you sit together in peace, but that wasn't possible, given the situation. We only had a courtesy meeting after we went up and congratulated him after he was sworn-in," says Salim.     


AMITABH BACHCHAN:     The veteran actor couldn't attend the ceremony reportedly because of his prior shooting commitments. On May 26, he tweeted, "Ok for the shot, its ready .. cannot keep the crew waiting .. love to all .. see you later in the evening or night or early. (sic) "     

RAJINIKANTH:     The south star, too, couldn't make it to the ceremony. Besides, the evening before the event, there was a protest staged outside his house in Chennai, urging the actor to boycott the ceremony as Sri Lanka's President, Mahinda Rajapaksa, was also invited.     

LATA MANGESKAR:     She couldn't attend the event due to health reasons. But she sent a letter (written in Hindi) to Modi saying, "Despite getting your invitation I had to decline it with a heavy heart as my health did not permit me to attend the ceremony."