Coming soon: Jai and Veeru in Sholay 2!

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Looks like the 1975 classic, Sholay, might just get a sequel soon. We’ve been informed that the makers of Sholay 3D —Shehzad Sippy, Sasha Sippy and Shaan Uttam Singh — and distributor Jayantilal Gada, have been getting scripts and are seriously considering a part two.

A source close to the production house reveals, “The recall value of the film is so strong that it can easily convert into a franchise where Jai and Veeru can explore new issues and solve problems.”

The makers have received two scripts so far; one for a prequel to the original and the other, a sequel. “The prequel would go into the making of Jai and Veeru while the sequel would be about their escapades,” adds the source. However, the makers are yet to read both scripts and decide on what they find more interesting.”

Once they give a heads up, we’re told that they will get into the casting process. The new cast will include many young actors. When contacted, Gada confirms the news saying, “We have received the scripts and we believe there is a lot of equity in Sholay. We will consider converting it into a franchise soon.”

When we asked Ramesh Sippy, the director of the original film, about this — he said he did not wish to comment on the subject. When we prodded further, he only said, “I’m the last person you should be asking.”

However, ask writer Salim Khan, who co-wrote the original script with Javed Akhtar, says he would be okay with a sequel. “It’s fine as  long as the story is good. The fact that people are showing interest in making a sequel shows that even after 38 years, the film is fresh in the minds of the audience.”

He further adds that  if anyone plans to remake the film, they mustn’t forget the writers. He says, “If that happens, the writers must be given the due credit including royalty. In Hollywood, a script is called property. And it is the right of the writers to get what they deserve.”