Sajid Khan: I was arrogant and stupid...

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Filmmaker Sajid Khan, who recently announced his next directorial — the fourth instalment of the Housefull film franchise, says that ever since the release of his last film Humshakals (2014), he is a changed person. As the actor turns 47 today, he talks about how failure has been a good teacher to him.
“ I had become and arrogant and stupid. I wish I was more cunning, then I wouldn’t have said half the things I had said to the media. I had become really arrogant and it just brought me down to earth. I eventually learnt that there is more to life than box office figures and box office numbers and there is nobody who is infallible,” says Sajid, who will ring in his big day with a casual dinner with close friends and nothing “fancy”.
Besides Humshakals, his 2013 film Himmatwala also did not impress the audience. He has a theory behind what led to the debacle of the projects.
“The truth is that for 20 years I made a career out of making fun of people’s films, their songs and their acting prowess. So it was only fair that the media and certain people in the film industry gave it back to me. They gave it back to me even during Heyy Babby and Houseful, but they were declared hits. However, Humshakals and Himmatwala did not. I just took it and kept quiet,” says Sajid, who started his career as a stand up comedian before turning into a full time filmmaker.
He is coming back in front of the audience as a changed person now.
“Most of the time we speak from the brain and are very calculative. I speak from my heart and that is what always gets me in trouble. When you speak from your heart, you end up putting your foot in your mouth,” he says and adds, “My experiences have now made me a little more easy and lot more approachable. I don’t panic now .”