When Ram Kapoor got a 'butter' facial!

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Actors Saif Ali Khan and Riteish Deshmukh showed off their mischievous side on the sets of their upcoming film, by putting almost five kg butter on their co-star Ram Kapoor’s face.

Recently, the team was shooting a sequence with Saif, Riteish and Ram, that required Saif and Riteish to put a little amount of butter on Ram’s face.

According to a source close to the film, Ram was initially hesitant, thinking the amount of butter to be put on him would be a lot, but he was assured that the amount would be very little.

But, Saif and Riteish had something else brewing in their mind. When the shot was on, they got carried away and put a lot of butter on Ram’s face, that amounted to almost five kg!

Director Sajid Khan, too, did not say ‘cut’ and enjoyed the impromptu act. Ram’s surprised look was captured well, and will be seen in the final cut too.