Sabbir confirms thriller with Tiger, Kriti!

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New Delhi, June 7 -- After delivering a successful film with newcomers Tiger Shroff and Kriti Sanon, director Sabbir Khan has already planned another film with the duo.    

"Yes, I'm planning a romantic action-thriller with Kriti and Tiger, and we are quite excited. In fact, we keep talking about it all the time. As a team, we had a great time working together and I think working with the two again will be good for all of us... both are brilliant actors," says Sabbir, who made his directorial debut with the Akshay Kumar Kareena Kapoor starrer, Kambakkht Ishq (2009).    

Ask him if he was nervous while working with the debutants, and he says, "Yes, working with newcomers is definitely a risk. But I believe, whether you cast a new actor or a star, ultimately a film has to be interesting... only then will the audience like it," says Sabbir, adding, "There is, however, a little pressure when you are launching a star kid, or any newbie for that matter because their career is in your hands. And they are all looking up to you... so it's like a huge responsibility. Apart from Kriti and Tiger, 22 newcomers were launched in this film, so you can imagine... (laughs)."    

Apart from the box office success of his latest film, Sabbir is also happy about the popularity of it's sound track. "Whenever a new pair is launched, the music has to be really good for the new pair to click. So I was very clear from day one that the music of this film will have to be magical," he says.