Rohit Shetty: It's all about the attitude!

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Mumbai, Sept. 21 -- He collaborated with Shah Rukh Khan on Chennai Express (2013) and now, film-maker Rohit Shetty is working with the actor again on their upcoming Christmas release.

The director says that it is their attitude that has helped stars like SRK make a name and mark for themselves in Bollywood.

"When you work with people who are successful, you realise that it's not just luck and hard work. Their attitude towards life and work is what that makes them such big actors and directors," says Rohit.

The director, who ventured into making action films after making successful comedy movies, says he decided to move out of his comfort zone because he did not want to play safe all the time.

"When Golmaal films worked and All The Best (2009), too, did well, whenever I was at any airport or I would go to malls, people would come and tell me that they love my work. But I started thinking, 'Am I getting into a zone where I am only making films that are safe?'" he says.

According to Rohit, Singham (2011) "was the biggest risk" of his life. "At that time, people thought I had lost it. My comedy films were doing well, but I was making an action film. I told Ajay (Devgn), 'If we turn the story around for the Hindi audience, it will work, so let's make a raw action film.' Ajay agreed. For four months, we worked day and night, and we released the film. Now, like Golmaal, it has again become a big brand," he says.