Rochelle Rao: I have a long-standing relationship with Kolkata

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Mumbai, April 23 -- Anchor and model Rochelle Rao recently visited Kolkata for a shoot on the culture of cricket.

However, the anchor shares that she has an old connection with the city. "I have a long-standing relationship with Kolkata as my mother's side of the family lives on the outskirts of the city."

Rochelle adds that The Missionaries of Charity's Mother House of Mother Teresa is one place that really impacted her and she makes it a point to visit the place even today. "I feel, she is synonymous with the city. She really helped the local people spread hope and love. This is a happy memory for me when I would visit the Mother House with my mum and sisters," says Rochelle.

She also visited the Eden Gardens Stadium. She adores the architecture and its rich cricket history. She says, "No trip to Kolkata is complete if you do not visit the Eden Gardens and the stadium besides. Apart from this, I just enjoy walking down the streets of Kolkata, it is such a perfect blend of old and new. The old trams and the new cars, the old buildings and the new eateries, it is the best of both worlds."

During this visit, Rochelle explored new places too. "I visited the Prinsep Ghats along the banks of the Hooghly River. People were talking about cricket and food. There were no malls or fancy restaurants. It was a simple quaint place."

Rochelle is full of praise for the localites. "After Chennai, Kolkata is the only place where I truly feel like I am at home. The people are friendly, warm and caring. Also, Kolkata is the only place where I enjoy street food."

Another find for Rochelle was Balaram Mullick & Radharam Mullick sweet shop where they serve different versions of rasgulla. Rochelle says, "Whenever I am in Kolkata, I binge on sweets and enjoy mishti doi. I was surprised to see this particular shop sell so many variations of rasgulla. The owners told me what the cricketers love to eat at the store, so I tried Sourav Ganguly's favourite Mango Mishti Doi and Sachin Tendulkar's pick, Mango souffle."