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Rishi Kapoor doesn't mind waiting for Smriti Irani..

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Films are often delayed due to date issues, especially when an ensemble cast is involved. Director Umesh Shukla’s next has landed in a similar situation since Smriti Irani stepped out of the project after shooting for over half the movie.

But that was not the end of the worries for the makers. Soon after, Abhishek Bachchan also took time off for his sports commitments. But Rishi Kapoor, who plays his father in the film, says compromising as per other actors’ dates is “all part of the game”.

Smriti, the Union Minister for Human Resource Development, decided to devote her time fully to her cabinet duties. Earlier in a written statement, which the makers shared with HT, she had said, “It is sad, but I had to take this decision of opting out of the project as I have a larger role to play, and have a duty towards our nation. The nation has expectations from me and this government, which I will fulfil. The people of India have put their faith in us, and I will not let them down.” Presently, the makers are busy zeroing in on her replacement.

Kapoor, who reportedly had to back out of quite a few projects to accommodate the film doesn’t deny that it’s a setback. “In 2013, I had five releases. In 2014, I had only one release. Hota hai (It happens). It’s all part of the game. When the dates of other actors are involved, there is bound to be a certain amount of compromise involved,” he says.