Rishi on his son: He doesn't show me most of his films

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By Tulsi, Bollywood.com News Network

Eeek! What is all this about?

We already know that Rishi Kapoor and his son Ranbir kapoor share a complicated relationship. While Ranbir is a mama’s boy, he certainly isn’t close to his father.

Here’s Rishi Kapoor sharing with us what he thinks of Ranbir’s films.

"I'm not a good critic for my son's film. I generally don't like Ranbir's films that's why he doesn't show me most of his films. I tend to not like his film criticizing in my mind, 'Why did he do this', 'Why did he do that'. I have my own agenda. Which is wrong, and then he doesn't accept and I get very upset with it. So that's something I need to get over with. Otherwise he is an actor who has done pretty well for himself. People like his work, he is a popular actor, like I said in my biography."

Rishi Kapoor was a romance and youth icon in his own times, and we thought he would definitely have some good advice to share with Jr. Kapoor. However, it looks like times have changed, and things that worked then don’t work now anymore!

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