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Richa hits back at Brit producer!

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Mumbai, Dec. 13 -- Richa Chadda is upset about a recent report that claimed she abandoned an Indo-British film to work with Saif Ali Khan. Michael Ward, the producer of the former, said that she delayed the film's shoot twice, before leaving them in the lurch.

On the other hand, Richa says that the dates she allotted to the film this month have been wasted, and that she is being held responsible despite the project being stalled for over a year.

"It was a bit silly [the accusation] because all the correspondence is on email and today, that is considered an official account of things that go on. It was clarified, but not published," says Richa, adding, "I'd told Michael that I would get busy from January as the project with Saif is a huge one. We decided to shoot in December, but now I'm not shooting for any film as Michael didn't start shooting. I'm confused about how talk of me leaving them in a lurch has come up."

Richa further reveals, "I didn't take on too many projects in order to do this film. I wasn't signed, no token amount was given, nor was an MoU exchanged." She adds that after committing to the film in August 2013, she had helped the makers with contacts. "It's an independent project and the script is amazing. Last year, I set up meetings for them with potential financiers, musicians, the press and others," she says.