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Richa gets angry!

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Mumbai, Aug. 1 -- Richa Chadda is annoyed with media reports stating that she is playing the lead role in casting agent Mukesh Chhabra's directorial debut. It was reported that Chhabra had discussed the script with her, but the actor is clueless about any such development.

"I am not doing the film. If Mukesh wanted me in his film, he would call me. There are articles about us working together that have no confirmation from anyone. It is ridiculous," says Richa.

The actor believes that some protocol ought to be followed and stars should to be approached for confirmations, since they could get into trouble for what is written about them.

"It gets more complicated for an actor. It becomes difficult [at times] because I am answerable to certain people. They start asking how I am working on another film when I had no dates for their project," says Richa. The actor claims that she has been affected by such reports in the past, and that has added to her frustration. She says, "It's not the first time. It has happened many times, but it isn't right to take names."