Richa Chadha's 'vegan' ordeal!

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Mumbai, Sept. 14 -- It may be fun to shoot at beautiful locations in Europe, but Richa Chadha didn't have it easy while working on her upcoming film, Jia Aur Jia. 
The film was shot solely in Sweden, and according to a source, shooting for the film was a breeze, but as a vegan, Richa had a hard time with the food.
The source says, "Sweden is known for its rich food, which features dishes full of cheese, dairy products, and different meats and seafood. As a vegan, Richa swears by organic food and avoids meat and dairy products. She faced a lot of problems during the shoot schedule, as it was very difficult for her to find good food that suited her diet. Richa usually makes it a point to carry her own food, but it was difficult to do that for the entire length of the schedule. "The film crew helped her find places that offered vegan food, and she somehow managed to stick to her diet," the source says.
Richa says, "Sweden is a really cool place. I had a hard time with the food, as most vegetarians do when they travel overseas. Thankfully, Sweden provides one vegan dish per restaurant by law. In that sense, it is progressive. But my options were still limited. I came back home and had spicy Indian food to show my taste buds some love."