Richa Chadha: Not overshadowed by Aishwarya Rai

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By Tulsi, News Network

That’s right! The brilliant Masaan actress is super-confident, and why not? She’s awesome and she knows it, we know it, everyone knows it!

But apparently, she revealed, that a lot of people asked her not to take up the film in the fear of being overshadowed by a glittery star like Aish.

Said Richa:

“I was told by many creative people to stay away from the film. But I was convinced of my role. People told me to fear being overshadowed by a world beauty like Aishwarya. I truly believe that if you have talent in whatever capacity on screen you can stand out.”

So true!     

This reaction was quite unlike that of Randeep Hooda, who was asked the same question but asked the media to SHUT UP!