Richa Chadda: Old is gold!

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Mumbai, Oct. 11 -- Richa Chadha's performance in Masaan may have earned her appreciation from audiences and critics alike, but, as the actor has mentioned in previous interviews, her biggest critic is her mother.

"Recently, Richa's mother flew down to Mumbai from New Delhi. She was in the city for a week to spend time with her.

A couple of days back, before she left for the capital, her mother gifted Richa a pair of gold earrings. They belong to the actor's paternal great-grandmother, and have been passed down the generations," says a source close to the actor.

Richa confirms the news, saying, "I always had my eyes on those earrings, but had no real hope of getting them. My mother is very possessive about that piece of jewellery. My parents may not express their feelings, but gifts like these make me realise how proud they are of what I am doing. That makes me work harder and better."