After Hindi, Richa may take up Punjabi films..

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New Delhi, June 6 -- Actor Richa Chadha's portrayal of Sarabjit Singh's wife in the recently released film Sarbjit, that is set in Punjab, has got her rave reviews.

So much so, she has even started getting offers from Punjabi film industry.

"Yes, there are some interesting offers that have come my way but I am taking my time to finalise things. I am glad that my performance was appreciated and it made other filmmakers feel that I could pull of something similar in a completely different industry," says Chadha.

In fact, it is not just film offers, even music producers have approached her to star in videos. "Richa has been offered several Punjabi films. She's currently reading three scripts. She was even offered a Punjabi music video but she refused due to date issues. She is keen to explore all kinds of movies and she strongly feels if she gets a good role in any kind of film, she will take it up," says a source.