When Rekha got teary-eyed!

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New Delhi, Oct. 9 -- Veteran actor Rekha, who volunteered to sing a song from her upcoming film on Kapil Sharma's comedy show, was moved to tears while singing. Rekha, who was so engrossed in the song, got emotional as the song made her think of her grandmother.

"Rekha enchanted the audience with her voice. But she soon lost herself in the song and began to shed tears. When asked why, the 59-yearold revealed that the song reminded her of her grandmother who she misses dearly," says a source close to the show.

Once she composed herself, Rekha also invited a child from the audience to come and sing with her. "She was singing with the child. However, her motherly instincts took precedence and Rekha found herself weeping once again," adds the source. The actor sung close to six songs on the episode along with Kapil, who even joked that the show's name can now be Musical Nights with Rekha.