We as women need to strengthen ourselves: Raveena Tandon

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Mumbai, March 6 -- In an endeavour to embolden, empower and equip women to fight harassment, an initiative named Mission Sahasi has been started by Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP). 
As part of this initiative, Raveena Tandon will be attending five training camps across Mumbai wherein more than 7,000 girl students will be trained in the art of self defence.
Talking about being a part of this awareness camp, Raveena says, "After I essayed the character of a mother in Maatr (2017), something drastically changed in my life. I could not recover from the shock and the amount of trauma a rape victim or a sexual harassment victim goes through. No woman deserves to lead her life in shame because of a man's crime. We as women need to strengthen ourselves. What better way to do it than with this mission?"
Since the beginning, the actor is known as someone who is outspoken about issues - whether it's women empowerment or education. Her reason for being a part of this initiative is that she wants women to be independent. 
"To be empowered has a lot to do with the identity you make for yourself. I will be talking about women empowerment, safety measures, careers and scope for women in today's times at these camps. These have always been issues that I feel strongly about because the repercussions of male dominance can be seen everywhere today. Look at our political system or our education system or even the film business and IT sector. In every field and walk of life, women are underrepresented. This can't be a coincidence. I want to push women to have an independent identity with the work that they do and the value that they add to lives."
Finally, since this is a self defence initiative, Raveena says "it's the need of the hour" that every woman learns to defend herself. 
"Full-grown men are not going to learn to respect women all of a sudden. Neither can they be sat down and talked to, in order to change their mentality. In such times, self-defence is the only preventive measure and resort."