Raveena Tandon to talk about sexual harassment..

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Mumbai, Feb. 20 -- Raveena Tandon has often supported social causes, especially those related to women's empowerment and welfare. Now, on Women's Day (March 8), the actor has been invited by an institute in Delhi to deliver a talk on sexual harassment.
Raveena says, "I will address the issue of sexual harassment that women have to put up with in colleges and at their place of work. Women's safety is the first concern that worries parents when their daughters decide to have a career, move to a new place, go to college, or go to work. I will talk about what I have seen women going through. It is very prevalent. At least, women are talking about it now. Earlier it was a long-kept secret. It may not start off as a direct act, but unfortunately, some men are constantly on the hunt for women they can rattle. It starts with sensing a woman's vulnerability and then the sexual advances follow."
Raveena feels the issue can be tackled with proper education. She says, "It can be tackled if we raise our sons the right way. Men have to be taught equality when they're young. Trying to make men understand anything is not going to work if they have lived most of their childhood believing that women are beneath them. Children learn by example. That is the time to imbibe values in them."