I was offered both Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha seats: Raveena

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New Delhi, April 5 -- I don't do anything half-heartedly," says actor Raveena Tandon, who is currently in Gurgaon for a month-long shooting schedule for her upcoming film. Not divulging too much about her role in the upcoming film, Raveena, says, "It deals with violence against women. I can say for sure that after watching the film, women will feel a certain sense of gratification and empowerment. It gives a strongest message that when girls are getting harassed or molested, people don't want to interfere and stand up for it. It tells you that don't just sit and watch, it's time we interfere and step up."

In fact, the actor has always been vocal about social issues. Ask her if joining politics has ever crossed her mind, and she says, "I have been offered a Lok Sabha seat and a Rajya Sabha seat from every party there is. At the moment I am not inclined (to join politics) at all. I want to be a free voice."

There is a lot of opinion on various social issues that are making way to the social media, but the 41-yearold actor says that not all of it is constructive.

"Unfortunately, opinions on Twitter have become politically divided. If you praise the country, you become a bhakt, if you say the country is facing bad stuff, then you are liberal and supposed to be for another party. Instead of criticising every government in power, we should try and be the change we want to see," she says.

Talking about her shooting stint in Gurgaon, she says, "This is not my first visit here, I have been to Gurgaon many times. But, this time my work schedule is hectic; I am going to be here for a long time. We are literally working non-stop for 12 hours every day. I am hoping we finish fast, so that I can explore the city a little more before I head back to Mumbai."