A girl child is not a burden, says Raveena!

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Mumbai, April 24 -- Raveena Tandon recently witnessed gender bias at very close quarters when one of her staff member and his wife gave birth to a girl child. 

The said couple already has two daughters and wanted to have another baby hoping it would be a son, but they had another baby girl.

A source close to the actor says, "Raveena sat the couple (the staff member and his wife) down and told them to not try for a son after having given birth to two daughters. However, they went against her advice. The third child also happened to be a girl and the couple lost heart at the thought of shouldering the expenses of education for three girls. The staff member has been working for the actress for a long time and therefore, she immediately stepped into the picture and offered her support and decided to sponsor the education of three girls."

Talking about it, Raveena who has been working for causes such as girl child education and women empowerment says, "It's going to take a while for educational rights to be a reality and till then I will do whatever I can to encourage it. I hope to work more towards changing the perception that girl child is a burden."