All actors have a certain shelf life: Raveena Tandon

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New Delhi, Feb. 6 -- At a time when many female actors go on record to say that their age does not come in the way of their careers, actor Raveena Tandon has no qualms in accepting that the concept of actors having a limited shelf life is true.

"This is true to a certain extent. There will always be a cycle of new actors coming in, which is also the right thing, as everyone must get a chance to perform. Everyone has to go through different phases in their lives," she says, adding, "However, cinema has become more global now and different kind of films are being made and there is enough for everyone to do."

Raveena, who has been a part of the industry since the last 25 years, says that her parameters of selecting a film has changed over the years.

"Earlier, there were roles which I had not done and I wanted to do them. Now, there is nothing much left to experiment with as I have done everything in the past. Now, I don't want to do films just for the sake of doing them. Now, the role has to be really challenging. I don't want to take up run-of-the mill roles," she says.