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Ranveer Singh: 'I write a lot of black comedies'

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Mumbai, March 29 -- He has already proved his acting mettle, but not many know that Ranveer Singh loves to write too. The actor talks about having multiple story ideas, the importance of training for an actor and endorsing a condom brand.

I don't write enough. But yes, I have three ideas for film scripts. It's just that I don't see myself taking a break at the moment and fleshing them out. They will be entertainers. I write a lot of black comedies. It does come in handy. But what's important is to stay in the groove of being a public performer. Performing in a classroom in front of 10-20 people expanded my acting horizons. However, I think acting, dancing and singing cannot be taught. You can either do them or you can't. I'm not sure why stars shy away from endorsing condoms given the many positive benefits of their use. This is the one product that should be endorsed the most. I have never tried to create any sort of 'image' for myself. My image is created by the collective perception of others. I am not someone who is image conscious at all. I think our culture has traditionally been conservative. The topic of sex is considered taboo in our country. But the times are changing.