Ranveer Singh to do a Rohit Shetty film next?

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By Tulsi, Bollywood.com News Network

The last we saw of Ranveer was him as Peshwa Bajirao, an intense, serious role in an extravagant Sanjay leela Bhansali film.

And next we hear, he would be part of a Rohit Shetty film! Now, that’s quite a contrast, don’t you think? Rohit Shetty is known for his dhamaakedar, masaaledar films, like Golmaal and Singham. I would love to see Ranveer do a mainstream movie like that, because that would be a first for him!

Well, it seems that Ranveer too is thrilled with the idea! Says Ranveer:

“I would love to collaborate with him (Rohit). He has a wonderful team which works really well together and I am really looking forward to collaborate with him. But given the opportunity and if everything falls in place, hopefully I will be in a Rohit Shetty dhamaka very soon. Rohit Shetty is an awesome director. I really think he is the king of mainstream commercial masala films. I love that he (Rohit Shetty) is really a simple and a very sincere man. We have met couple of times and really get along well.”

Double yay!