Ranveer: I get to do what I love to do

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New Delhi, Jan. 24 -- Actor Ranveer Singh has always come across as someone who has always been energetic and the actor says that this is because he is thrilled with the work opportunities he is getting.

"A lot has been discussed about my energy and it comes from a co-driver of mine - which is enthusiasm and love for what I do. I don't believe in the guarantee of tomorrow. I feel like every day is my last, every film is my last, every performance is my last and every scene is my last. I believe in the now and in putting in everything in the now," he says.

Ranveer adds that this quality in him was something which his Bajirao Mastani costar Priyanka Chopra also noticed.

"She said that you are just so enthusiastic that you are being given these chances. Ek bacha tha and all he wanted to do was to be a Hindi film hero and now he has become one. There is just so much enthusiasm about the fact that I get to do what I love to do and I put everything into it," he says.

Ask him about the competition in Bollywood and he says, "Before the advent of social media, there was a perception that actors are competitive, but that was never the case. Now actors have their own social media profiles and they can put up whatever they want to," says Ranveer.