Pics: Ranveer Singh's little airport surprise for Deepika!

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By Tulsi, News Network

Oh, this man sets the bars way, way too high for any man to match up! He feels its no big deal to show some love and appreciation in any way that he can, and always has an eye for small details!

We’ve seen him do the most adorable things for Ms. Padukone a number of times, from going down on his knees on stage to following her around in parties, and of course, the endless flower offerings!

So, just recently as he went to pick up Deepika at the airport (she was coming back from London), he once again brought her something adorable to welcome her back! He got a huge bouquet of flowers!

And may we also add that he looked as stylish as ever in his casuals (we aren’t used to him looking this normal)! In fact, we spotted Deepika in matching glasses (and the sexiest black boots, and the cutest black hat)….  Looks like she was going for the Ranveer look!

The two looked adooooorable together!