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Lol! Check out Ranveer's birthday wish for Arjun Kapoor!

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By Tulsi, News Network

That’s right! It was Arjun Kapoor’s birthday yesterday, and while all the stars wished him in many adorable ways, you need to know how Ranveer did it! Of course you do…

Because firstly, Ranveer is Ranveer (that crazy guy of Bollywood that no one can even believe to be true but they have no choice). And secondly, Arjun Kapoor is his Bollywood bro/bestie/partner in crime!

So, how did he do it?

Well, he put up an adorable picture collage on Twitter. The first picture is of Arjun Kapoor hugging him, and the second one is of a cat hugging another cat!

Can you believe it? He truly is the king of randomness! It’s mushy, it’s cute, and it’s….random!

But we love it!

He captioned the picture as: “Haila Baba, tera Happy Budday!!! :) Finally grown up …#notreally #HappyBirthdayArjunKapoor

Awww these two! Totally Ram-Lakhan material…