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Let's talk about sex, with a little help from Ranveer Singh

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Winds of change are blowing in Bollywood, and leading the pack is Ranveer Singh. In a first of sorts, Singh is talking sex, questioning taboos and even morality for a promotional video for a condom brand. Now this is what we call getting into the skin of the character!

Singh's new video for the condom brand Durex holds forth on sex and everything else around it that we thought should never be discussed openly.

The video starts with Singh saying he loves women and sex. Only, the word 'sex' is beeped out. In the next frame, an angry Singh rants on how it is sad that the country which gave the world the best and the first book on sex (Vatsyayan's Kamasutra) is still hypocritical about a very basic, normal day-to-day activity like sex. "We have a population exceeding a 100 crore. Where did all the kids come from?" he asks, before starting off on a monologue on how it is important to discuss and be open about it.

"Sex education ko ban kar do. Biology textbook ke panne faad do. Jitna bhi try karo, aap ise mita nahi sakte, par baat jarur kar sakte ho...Why can't we be open and talk about it?"

And signs off, "Rex talk, let's talk about sex."

In an earlier video for the same brand, Ranveer Singh had this to say: "Kehte hain humko pyaar se Indiawaale. Par Indiawaalo mein dum nahi hain. Tum saala chup hi acche ho. Ladkiyan jada bolein chup kara do, bacche chein chein karein chup kara do.Kyuki India hai, jo chal raha chalne do, chup kara do...Bollywod films, stars, women's rape, inflation, love in Splitsville, chutzpah ke baare mein baat karne ka dum hai par sex? Chup, chup, chup...sshh...bolna bhi nahi. But kaha se aaye ho?"

Ranveer Singh also says, "Tum agar apne hone ke reason ke baare mein chup ho to tumhare hone ka koi reason hi nahi hai."

Point well said. So, for once, let us follow this Bollywood celeb and actually be open and less hypocritical about sex.