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'I'd be mortified if Deepika called me Ranbir': Ranveer

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New Delhi, Nov. 9 -- Actors Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh brightened up a foggy Friday morning as they stepped into a room full of hooting, enthusiastic winners of HT City's Stars in the City contest.

And as soon as they settled in, a makeup guy scurried across the stage to touch up, well, Ranveer's makeup! "He has a whole   routine when he starts off with an interaction - touch-ups, coffee...," said Deepika pulling her co-star's leg. Not the one to be outdone, Ranveer immediately replied: "Of course, I even take a (beauty) nap in between sometimes!"

The play of wit and infectious laughter continued through the session. However, the high point was perhaps when Ranveer was asked if Dippy has ever called him Ranbir, (her ex-flame) by mistake. "No, she hasn't. I would be mortified if she did that, ever!"