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Arjun-Ranveer: Ruling the roast!

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Mumbai, Dec. 22 -- It might take some time for the video of Arjun Kapoor and Ranveer Singh getting roasted on Saturday (December 20) night to go up online, simply because of the number of cuts it might take.

The actors - it's hard to imagine anyone else from the industry agreeing to do this - sportingly sat through 90 minutes of insults being thrown at them. Karan Johar, appointed the roast master, wasn't spared either. But, refreshingly, he gave it as good as he got - laughing at jokes about his sexual orientation, and even cracking a few of his own. Earlier, Ranveer planting a kiss on Karan's lips and announcing, "I've been doing more for over four years, but he still won't give me a role," set the tone for the event.

Apart from Abish Mathew, Aditi Mittal and the All India Bak***d (AIB) boys, the panel of Rajeev Masand and Raghu Ram had a field day, taking pot shots at the stars, and at each other, too. Ranveer - no surprises here - seemed far more sporting and at ease than Arjun, who sat stone-faced through jokes about his father, an alleged-ex-girlfriend, and references to Sonakshi Sinha (who attended the event) as his girlfriend.

But while Sonakshi was eventually called a rumour, Deepika Padukone, who was also in the audience, laughed along at all references of her as Ranveer's girlfriend. Neither made any attempt to hide their affection, and Ranveer even leapt off stage to kiss her once. Alia Bhatt, who was seated in the first row, was, over the course of the evening, 'educated' about ISIS and Indira Gandhi.

Arjun's "illiteracy" (he didn't clear the 12th standard, apparently) and Ranveer's womanising ways were the most popular themes. A lot of it was crass, but those jokes also got the most laughs. In the end, the two actors took the mic to hurl insults at their roasters, and they brought the house down - especially Arjun, who was in his element by then.

The insult comedy format is relatively new to the city, and going in, we were apprehensive about whether anyone would hold back. They didn't, so full marks to the comics for pulling it off, and to the stars for letting their guard down. We aren't sure how much censoring will go into the final video, but for the live crowd, it was worth every penny.