Rani's jail visit floors inmates!

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New Delhi, Nov. 17 -- Looks like Bollywood actor Rani Mukerji, who played a tough cop in her last release, has vowed to keep her attachment with the role in real life, too.

Recently, the actor visited the Yerwada Central Prison in Pune to interact with the prisoners, and launch a few services for and by the inmates.

"Rani launched an in-house radio facility for the prisoners, through which an hour of entertainment will be provided with a prisoner playing the role of an RJ every day. Maharashtra Prison Department has also developed a brand for the products made by the prisoners. Rani launched that, too," said Meeran Borwankar, additional DGP (Prisons).

Mukerji also went around the jail to see the barracks and prison cells, where freedom fighters were lodged during the independence movement, before 1947. "It was very humbling to visit the historic Yerwada prison where Gandhiji, Motilal Nehru and Sardar Patel were lodged," said Mukerji, who was touched by the gestures of the inmates of the female prison.

A source, who accompanied the actor, says, "She was very touched when during an informal talk with the female prisoners, all of them said they've watched her films, and one of the prisoners gifted her a crochet jacket. She even shopped for some baked goodies made by the prisoners and took the stuff back home."