HBD Randeep Hooda: Parents' support & their belief in me are my best gift

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New Delhi, Aug. 20 -- Actor Randeep Hooda exudes an irresistible charm and his style is hard to miss. 
Today, as the actor turns 41, he continues to woo his female fans with his husky voice and chiselled body. While most celebrities go all out throwing star-studded parties on this day, Randeep likes to take it easy. 
Asked if there's anything special planned for his birthday this year, the actor says, "Well, I would be working on my birthday. So, after I wrap up, there's a party at home with some close friends. Also, there is something planned, but I am not sure how it would turn out to be."
Although Randeep isn't a birthday person, as he has usually had working birthdays, he feels that these days are an opportunity to celebrate oneself. 
Asked to recall one of his most memorable birthdays, the actor shares it was in Canada a couple of years ago. "I was in Toronto shooting for a Deepa Mehta film. One of my friends used to stay there with family, so they and the crew of the film embraced me, in a way that I felt as if I belong to Canada and I have migrated there. So, that was quite special," recalls Randeep.
And what's the best gift that he has ever received? The actor says it has to be his parents' support and their belief in him. 
"Coming from a small town, they allowed me to go out and express myself and be independent. That's the reason I am here today and that remains the best birthday gift from them," adds Randeep.