Ranbir loves Delhi winters!

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New Delhi, May 19 -- Actor Ranbir Kapoor is a self-confessed Delhi fan. In a recent chat with us, the actor said that he loves many things about the Capital.

"I love the Delhi winters and the food. Bombay doesn't even come close in terms of food. Mumbai is a mixture of people. Delhi has a culture. I shot three films, Rockstar, Besharam, and Imtiaz's (Ali, filmmaker) new film here. I don't think I can tolerate any place apart from Bombay. But if I had to, I'd definitely choose Delhi. Delhi is Dil Waalon Ki Dilli," he said.

Talking about his role in his recently-released film, Ranbir says that he's very different from the character. "He can be very aggressive, angry, happy and romantic at the same time. I'm an introvert. But there's one thing common: ambition. Although I'm from a film family, I wanted my own identity and to come out of my family members' shadows.