Ranbir Kapoor involved in an accident?

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Mumbai, Feb. 12 -- Recently, Ranbir Kapoor's car apparently ran over the foot of a cameraman, Puneet Rawat, when the actor left an awards ceremony in a scurry.

Puneet narrated the incident, saying, "I wanted to capture him through the windshield, and I wasn't aware that my foot was under the car's front tyre. When it passed over my foot, I couldn't balance and fell down, but was helped by my friends. My foot is completely swollen now, and I'm on bed rest."

When asked if Ranbir's driver stopped the car to see if he was fine, the cameraman reveals, "They are not aware that anything of this kind has happened. It wasn't anyone's fault."

When contacted, Ranbir acknowledged that he was not aware of the incident, but seemed concerned and asked for the cameraperson's contact details.