Ranbir Kapoor: Fight club!

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Mumbai, April 21 -- Ranbir Kapoor seems to have made a new friend at work. In 2013, the actor learnt the basics of street fighting from Ashwinder Singh, a Kenya-based master in the art, for his upcoming film, directed by Anurag Kashyap. Since then, the two have been in touch, and have often hung out together.

For his character, Ranbir had to learn different forms of mixed-martial arts and Thai kick-boxing to get the nuances of street fighting right. Apart from being an expert in street fighting, Ashwinder has also trained in Muay Thai, a combat sport.

A source close to the actor says, "Ranbir trained with Ashwinder for nearly six months in 2013, prior to the shoot of the film, to build muscle and understand the craft. They instantly hit it off, and enjoyed the training sessions. They practised for a couple of hours every day, and continued to do so throughout the shooting of the film."

Ranbir also had to focus on his workout to achieve a particular physique for the role. The source adds, "Ranbir used to talk to Ashwinder about his diet and workout regime. The actor usually keeps to himself on the sets, but he was quite friendly with Ashwinder, as they would discuss scenes and other things. Now, even after the shooting is over, they have kept in touch, and chat over the phone frequently."

The spokesperson of the film says, "Ashwinder and Ranbir met during the preparation for the film, and they continue to be in touch. They discuss films, work, health, fitness, and share a good rapport."