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HBD: 5 looks in Ranbir Kapoor's album!

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Mumbai, Sept. 28 -- As Ranbir Kapoor turns 35 today, we look at his memorable screen outings.
ROCKSTAR (2011) 
This film proved Ranbir was good not just in the looks department, but in acting, too. Directed by Imtiaz Ali, he played a musician named Janardhan aka Jordan. To look convincing as a college student in the first half, Ranbir chose plain - almost unstylish - clothes, with a face radiating innocence. As he moved towards fame, his looks, outfits, and body language became edgier. 
If the leaked pictures are anything to go by, Ranbir playing actor Sanjay Dutt on-screen is going to amaze viewers. Ranbir grew his hair to play the young Sanju, while he beefed up to look like the current Sanjay Dutt, complete with the moustache and haircut. 
BARFI! (2012) 
Ranbir outdid himself with this film, which got critical acclaim and commercial success. He played Murphy, affectionately called Barfi - a speechimpaired but street-wise, charming young man. It was a risk on his part to take up such a role, which showed Barfi in various stages of his life. From a twenty-something to an aged man, Ranbir pulled off every look effortlessly. 
Ranbir played a Sikh salesman here. To look the part, he grew a full beard, and donned the turban for the first time on-screen. Keeping in mind that he played a salesman from a middle-class background, Ranbir chose regular, unbranded formals.